Liposuction has been around for several decades. While lipo has always delivered amazing, permanent fat loss results, it traditionally also involved quite a bit of pain as well as a long recovery period. But advancements in lipo technology have produced the next generation of liposuction procedures that are more comfortable and have much less downtime afterwards.

Zinnia Aesthetics in the greater Washington DC area offers revolutionary “Tickle Lipo” that is superior to traditional tumescent liposuction procedures in many ways. Tickle Lipo harnesses the power of 100% natural, low-frequency vibration to loosen fat cells for faster, easier removal from the body – with less discomfort and greatly reduced recovery time.

In this article the Lipo experts at Zinnia aesthetics in the Washington DC area explain the differences between new, advanced Tickle Lipo and the other older forms of traditional liposuction.

Traditional Tumescent Lipo

During traditional liposuction incisions are made in the body, and a narrow tube called a cannula is inserted. The doctor then pushes and pulls the cannula to loosen the fat from the body by “brute force,” before suctioning it out. Mechanically ripping the fat cells away from the rest of the tissue during liposuction can be quite painful – and it typically results in substantial bruising and swelling.

While the recovery time after traditional lipo varies – depending upon the size, location and number of areas treated – many patients need up to a week off work. And, many patients are typically still in pain and unable to resume many activities for a couple of weeks. In most cases, strenuous activity, such as exercising, vacuuming, lifting heavy objects, etc. must be avoided for several weeks after traditional liposuction.

For most patients who have had traditional lipo, swelling may last for as long as six to eight weeks, and a compression garment must usually be worn 24 hours a day until week four.

Tickle Lipo

Tickle Lipo improves on traditional liposuction by introducing low-frequency acoustic infrasonic vibration into the process. These vibrations gently break up, loosen, and separate the fat cells from the body, without the need for force.

In other words, 100% natural “sound waves” – rather than brute force – loosen the fat cells. Our Washington DC area patients have confirmed that these vibrations feel much like a gentle tickling sensation – which is how the procedure got its name!

Because the vibrations dissolve and remove the fat without trauma to the surrounding tissue, there is less swelling and bruising, and also less pain during the procedure. And, this translates into less discomfort during recovery, and far less downtime afterwards.

With Tickle Lipo downtime can be as short as two to three days, after which most of the swelling, bruising or discomfort should have subsided.

Tickle Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction: Anesthetic

With traditional liposuction, removal of large amounts of fat, and/or removing fat in multiple areas of the body, generally requires that the patient be “put to sleep” under general anesthesia. General anesthetic involves a mask being placed over your face that “knocks you out” in a deep sleep. And, of course, any time general anesthetic is used, certain risks increase.

However, Tickle Lipo offers the advantage of being performed under local anesthesia, so there is no deep sleep. You will be given a pain pill, as well as something to help you relax. Then local anesthetic is delivered into the treatment area through the cannula, while the Tickle Lipo is being performed. This ensures you are completely comfortable, yet wide awake and without the risks of being “put under”.

Tickle Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction: Results

Both Tickle Lipo and traditional liposuction are able to remove the same amount of fat. For most patients this will be a maximum of about 11 pounds in a single session.

However, patients see results much faster with Tickle lipo than traditional liposuction – because less swelling also means you’ll see results sooner! Traditional lipo comes with much more swelling, so it takes much longer to see the fat loss results, which are only visible after the swelling subsides.

Advantages of Tickle Liposuction

  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Less discomfort during & after lipo
  • Shorter recovery period & less downtime
  • Results visible much faster

Tickle Lipo | Washington DC Area

Dr. Roba is one of just a few doctors in the entire Washington DC or Alexandria, VA area who is specifically trained and skilled in the Tickle Lipo procedure. He has used this technique on hundreds of men and women with excellent results, to give them the body they have always wanted.

For faster lipo fat loss, with the least downtime, schedule a Tickle Lipo consultation today!

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