Stem Cell Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation

Aging can cause wear and tear on our bodies, especially the face, it also causes the production of collagen to slow down drastically, causing some of the most visible signs of aging. Scarring is due to a reduction in the rate of collagen production. Sun and wind exposure, the effects of gravity, and a loss of collagen can all combine to make you appear older, or, more tired. Wrinkles and other effects of aging may be restored with umbilical cord derived stem cell therapy. Stem cell aesthetics is a revolutionary new therapy that can potentially help regenerate damaged skin.

Stem cells contain an abundance of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) that have the capacity to develop into specialized cells in a process called cellular differentiation. Stem cells have potency which is the ability to differentiate / become, other types of cells. MSC’s are multipotent, or, able to become other types of cells, including cells that produce collagen and support cells for skin enhancement / rejuvenation. Stem cells have greater proliferative and differentiation compared to other types of regenerative products.

Stem cell treatment aesthetics involves the injection of stem cells into the skin, IV, or applied to the skin after laser or microneedling procedures. The injected stem cells contains stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, exosomes and other cellular products, which are involved in the body’s regenerative functions. Stem cells is the gold standard in regenerative medicine. Using cord blood and the Wharton’s jelly can yield an extremely high viability of over 80% MSC count of live nucleated stem cells post thaw. One of the most vibrant / potent stem cell products available that undergoes mitosis for months to produce excellent clinical results.

Stem cell therapy can result in scar size reduction and provide better color quality, pliability of the skin and enhanced contour restoring. Wound healing capabilities of stem cell therapy is dramatic. Patients may experience increased elasticity and hydration of the skin, increased collagen and elastin density and its proper arrangement. Induced collagen and metalloproteinase production reduces wrinkles for an enhanced appearance.

Stem cells influence anti – aging properties by inhibition of melanin production. The anti – aging effects may result in restoration of the highest functional capacity of the skin.

Stem cell intravenous injections significantly increase neovascularization and better wound healing. The paracrine signaling effect of stem cell therapy is paramount with this procedure. Moreover, direct subcutaneous injections has significant anti – aging and regenerative effects.

Facial stem cell therapy treatments are very successful for checks, under eyes, smile lines and the crow’s feet.

Benefits of stem cell treatments include :

(1) Trigger natural production of skin essentials, minimal post inflammatory & hyperpigmentation

(2) Stem cell stimulation plumps the skin which enhances radiance

(3) Reduction of scarring

(4) Improved skin texture

(5) Reduction in pore size

(6) No demarcation of treated and untreated skin

(7) Limited invasion of the skin

Common indications :

(1) Fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases

(2) Treatment of wounds

(3) Scar remodeling

(4) Non surgical treatment of scleroderma

(5) A long lasting alternative to synthetic fillers

(6) Reduce the signs of aging

(7) Improve appearance of acne scars

(8) Repair damaged hair follicles

(9) Promote healing of damaged skin cells

(10) Facilitate tissue repair

(11) Increase collagen production

(12) Holistic synergy with other treatments including microneedling, laser, etc.

(13) May be used for the infra orbital area

(14) lips and lip liners

(15) Nasolabial folds

(16) Marionette lines

(17) Cheek bone enhancement

(18) Stem cells as fillers will last for a prolong period of time instead of being absorbed by the body with synthetic fillers

(19) Stem cells will reproduce the collagen and basement membrane that has depleted through

(20) Stem cells are much more effective than Restylane, Juvaderm or hyaluronic acid gels

(21) Excellent to promote hair growth

(22) Noticeable correction of laugh lines

(23)Noticeable correction of bags under the eyes

Practical applications and techniques utilizing Stem Cells :

Hair regrowth

Facial lines


Acne scars


Skin rejuvenation using micro needling

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