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Scars and loose skin can lower your confidence and make you feel self-conscious around others. Anteneh Roba, MD, uses powerful Alma Lasers™ to reduce the appearance of scars and to firm up skin around your body. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more.

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What causes scars?

Scars occur when the deep layer of your skin, called the dermis, is damaged. After an injury or infection, your body naturally produces new collagen to repair the skin, which often results in some degree of scarring. This new scar tissue likely has a different appearance and texture than the rest of your skin.

Scars appear on the face and body for a number of different reasons, including from:

  • Surgery
  • Acne
  • Injury or wound
  • Viruses or infections
  • Stretched skin (stretch marks)

Depending on the type of scar you have, it may be white and raised, smooth and reddish or purple, or it may look more like a skin crater.

How can laser therapy minimize scars around the face and body?

Laser therapy is one of the most effective treatments available to reduce the appearance of scars. Dr. Roba uses Alma Lasers to minimize scars left behind by acne, surgery, injury, and other common skin ailments.

Unlike older lasers, which work by removing layers of the skin to achieve results, Alma Lasers hone in on the deeper layers of the skin to spur the creation of more collagen without damaging the rest of your skin. This results in a more natural appearance and reduces your recovery time.

What is skin tightening?

As we age, our production of collagen — an important protein vital to making our skin look fresh and plump — begins to decrease. For many people, women in particular, this common slowdown often results in a “crepey” appearance of the skin.

This type of loose, paper-thin skin is most noticeable around the face and neck, but it can also affect the body.

How can laser therapy tighten skin around the face and body?

Non-surgical skin tightening through laser therapy is recommended to patients who want a natural lift in their skin’s elasticity. It works best on those with mild to moderate loose skin.

Much in the same way that lasers can the appearance of scars, laser treatments can also tighten saggy skin by revealing the fresh layers of skin underneath the damaged top layers.

If you’re starting to notice that your skin is producing less collagen than it used to, laser therapy may be a better option for you than traditional cosmetic surgery.

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