Scrotox — Botox® for the scrotum is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment where injections of the muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin type A are used to make the scrotum look and feel better.

Botulinum toxin A -Botox™ when injected in the scrotal areal causes relaxation of both the cremasteric muscle (that regulates the height of the testicles) and the muscle underneath the skin of the scrotum that regulates its size. When BOTOX is injected in these muscles, they paralyze, thus resulting in significant descent of both the scrotum and testicles. Scrotox originally was used for medical reasons as a way to relieve scrotal pain due to inflammation. At Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti Aging we offer Scrotox as a confidence boosting cosmetic treatment.


  • Patients who seek Scrotox treatment can suffer testicular pain due to contraction and testicles that appear too small.
  • Patients who would like to lessen sweating and the appearance of wrinkles in that area.

There is no downtime with Scrotox. Patients will be able to return to their regular day immediately and the results appear about one week following treatment and can last between 3 to 4 months.


Anteneh Roba MD at Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti Aging often combines Scrotox with other non-surgical penile enhancement procedures, such as:

P-Shot – P-Shot injections deliver platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells into the penile tissue. Benefits of the P-Shot can include harder erections, increased stamina, stronger orgasms, and penile enlargement.
Dermal fillers – It is very common for Scrotox patients to choose to complement scrotal rejuvenation with penis enlargement. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are a popular, minimally invasive option for temporarily increasing the size of the penis.

Fat transfer to the penis – This treatment, which involves removing unwanted fat from your body and repurposing it for injection into the penis, is associated with longer-lasting improvements in penile length and/or girth.