New FDA Drug Approved to Help Premenopausal Women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

Vyleesi was recently approved by the FDA for premenopausal women who have low libido.

How is it given?

Given subcutaneously 45 minutes before intercourse

What are the results?

Women exhibit marked increase in sexual desire and consequently a very satisfying sexual interaction.

Who benefits from this treatment?

It benefits premenopausal women with

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder(HSDD)

Who does not benefit from Vyeelesi Treatment?

Postmenopausal Women
For anyone trying to enhance sexual performance

Any side effects?

1. Transient increase in blood pressure

Transient lowering of heart rate
Nausea and or vomiting
Focal hyperpigmentation
Injection site reaction


Uncontrolled hypertension

Vyeelesi can help young women who do not have any medical or psychological issues affecting their sexual life including relationship issues or due to taking medications or drugs.
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Dr. Anteneh Roba

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