Looking youthful and energetic is especially important in Washington, D.C.! But saggy facial skin, drooping cheeks and “marionette lines” around the mouth, can add decades to a man or woman’s appearance. And – unlike fine lines and wrinkles that can be treated with Botox or dermal fillers – up until recently the only way to get rid of loose facial skin was invasive facelift surgery.

Fortunately, the new Silhouette InstaLift non-surgical facelift is now available at Zinnia Aesthetics in the Washington, D.C. area – offering the skin tightening benefits of a facelift without the expense, pain, risks or downtime of facelift surgery.

How a Silhouette InstaLift Non-surgical Facelift Works

During a non-surgical InstaLift non-surgical facelift in our Washington, D.C. area office Dr. Roba gently pulls the skin back a few millimeters – enough to look naturally younger, but not appear “stretched.” Then, invisible sutures containing tiny “micro-cones” are placed in the deepest layer of the skin, to hold the lift in place. Instead of cutting off excess skin, like a surgical facelift, the InstaLift non-surgical procedure holds the facial skin in place like the body did when it was younger. This restores youthful tone and tightness, without looking like you’ve “had work done.”

As an added benefit, in addition to lifting the skin into a more youthful position, the InstaLift non-surgical facelift sutures that are placed beneath the skin stimulate the body’s “healing response” and increase the production of collagen. The micro-cones and sutures are absorbed by the body over time, but the renewed collagen production continues to last for up to 2 years. This rejuvenated production of collagen – which is the building block of healthy skin – results in smoother, thicker, plumper, tighter and more youthful-looking facial skin.

The Advantages of an InstaLift NonSurgical Facelift over Surgery

There are many advantages of an InstaLift non-surgical facelift over facelift surgery. Because it is minimally invasive, the InstaLift non-surgical facelift is a very low risk procedure. InstaLift patients do not need to be “knocked out” with general anesthetic.  And there is no scarring, bruising, bleeding, or post-procedure pain like there is with a surgical facelift.

For many of our Washington, D.C. patients, the biggest advantage of an InstaLift non-surgical facelift is the fact that there is no recovery period.  Facelift surgery patients typically need around the clock help for at least three days after surgery and must take two or three weeks off of work.

But InstaLift non-surgical facelift patients only experience a little bit of soreness, and occasional minor redness and swelling. Most InstaLift patients can return to work the same or next day and no one will even know that they have had anything done…just that they look naturally younger and more attractive.

For many of our Washington, D.C. area patients, the biggest advantage to an InstaLift non-surgical facelift is how affordable it is compared to a surgical facelift surgery. While facelift surgery can cost $10,000 or more in the Washington D.C. area plastic surgery, an InstaLift non-surgical facelift is typically under $200 per area.

Where InstaLift Non-surgical Facelifts Can Tighten Skin

The most common area of the face where our Washington, D.C. patients request an InstaLift non-surgical facelift is for sagging in the cheeks, hanging jowls, or deep nasolabial folds (the “puppet lines” or “parentheses” around the mouth).

To achieve skin tightening in these areas, the micro-cone sutures are placed under the skin near the hairline to gently elevate the mid-facial skin and hold it in place. The result is an immediate lift – while also adding additional volume over time as the body continues to rebuild collagen in the area.

Good Candidates for a Non-Surgical InstaLift Non-surgical Facelift

Everyone’s skin ages differently – so there is no “perfect age” for an InstaLift Facelift. Genetics, weight loss or gain, and environmental factors such as UV-exposure, diet, smoking, tanning, toxins and pollution, all contribute to when and how much skin will lose its elasticity. At Zinnia Aesthetics in the Washington, D.C. Dr. Roba has performed InstaLift non-surgical facelifts on women and men from their late thirties well into their seventies.

Is a Silhouette InstaLift Non-surgical Facelift Safe?

Sutures or “threads” are made of an absorbable material called PDO (polydiaxanone) and have been safely used in surgery for decades. Since April 2015, InstaLift has been the only absorbable suture that has FDA clearance for cosmetic facial procedures – and has an amazing safety record.

Dr. Roba at Zinnia Aesthetics has performed InstaLift non-surgical facelifts on hundreds of patients in his Washington, D.C. office with fantastic results and no complications.

And because InstaLift is non-surgical, it requires no general anesthetic and no large incisions, so there is little to no risk of a reaction, infection or complications. The sutures simply naturally dissolve over time, so there is nothing left in the body – except the newly regenerated collagen cells produced by the body itself.

InstaLift Non-surgical Facelift | Washington, D.C. Area

At Zinnia Aesthetics our patients – including D.C. politicians, pundits, performers and everyday people – love the non-surgical InstaLift non-surgical facelift, because it offers instant, long-lasting and immediate youthfulness. InstaLift simply restores skin to its original location – without having to inject fillers every few months and without having to go under the knife.

Our busy D.C. patients can get an InstaLift non-surgical facelift done in our Washington, D.C. area office before a press conference, Zoom meeting, media appearance or campaign rally – and immediately look a decade younger in just one hour with no surgery, no anesthesia and virtually no downtime!

If you would like to look like a younger version of yourself, without a surgical facelift, schedule a consultation with Zinnia Aesthetics in the Washington, D.C. area – and see how an InstaLift thread lift can turn back time to help you look younger, more energetic, and more photogenic without surgery.

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