Life Style Modifications That Can Improve Men’s Sexual Health in Fairfax, VA

The Sexual Health of men is intricately intertwined with men’s overall mental and physical health. When men are unhealthy sexually it affects their overall wellbeing, it affects them psychologically and socially.

To maintain a healthy sexual life men have to take into consideration their lifestyle and know some of the reasons men become unhealthy sexually. Avoid risk factors.

Things men can do to improve or maintain sexual health:

1.Optimum nutrition: eating foods that naturally boost endogenous testosterone especially fruits and vegetables
2.Exercise: both aerobic and weight lifting help improve blood flow,reduce stress increases endogenous testosterone production.
3.Managing stress levels with exercise, practicing yoga, meditation tai chi etc..
4.Well deserved rest and good sleep habits helps replenish energy
5.Avoidance of smoking is key. Smoking damages blood vessels and cause the decrease in nitric oxide release from the vessel walls
6.Avoidance of alcohol is very important, it can cause erectile dysfunction
Avoid drugs
7.Trauma to the penis whether it be due to direct injury to the penis or due to riding a bike can cause nerve and 8.vascular damage that can cause erectile dysfunction
9.For men with premature ejaculation, contracting the muscles that stop you from urinating, done repeatedly and regularly can reduce
10. Certain prescription or even over the counter medications can precipitate

erectile dysfunction. Changing medications when possible is a good idea.

1.Yearly medical checkups can help identify undiagnosed medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction like diabetes.
2.Avoid drinking out of plastic bottles, due to the phytoestrogens that plastic bottles drink, which in turn increase estrogen levels (female sex hormone)in men which can cause erectile dysfunction.
3.Read and learn about sex in regards to performance, techniques , learn about male and female bodies etc…

In conclusion, even though there are certain situations where one cannot reverse or improve erectile dysfunction by making lifestyle modifications, the suggestions outlined above are good to incorporate before seeking medical advice. Fortunately,
there different types of treatments now available such as low-intensity shock wave therapy, the p-shot or PRP shot to the penis and of course PDE5i such as viagra or sildenafil (the blue pill) and the likes that can help improve and in some cases reverse erectile dysfunction.

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