Hormone Replacement Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction:

The most common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is by far vascular in origin. The diseases involved in ED that affect over 70 % of men are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension.

Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is low male hormone levels or high female hormone levels in men as well as high levels of a hormone called prolactin which is a hormone for lactation.

One of the most common reasons for loss of erection or inability to maintain an erection is low testosterone levels which is the main hormone involved in male sexual development as well as one’s ability to have an erection. Added to that it is the main hormone involved in creating the desire for sexual contact otherwise called libido. As men age their testosterone levels slowly decline causing reduced libido and the reduced ability to achieve an erection. Problems that can affect ones well-being, confidence and can lead to marital discord.

The solution to this dilemma is replacing the deficient hormone in this case testosterone.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are, as their name suggests, hormones that are made of plants – including soy and yam, and whose chemical structure is identical to the chemical structure of the

hormones made in the human body. Because the molecular structure of bioidentical hormones is recognized by the body, these hormones are better metabolized and are safer than traditional hormones from synthetic, animal-derived sources.

What is the process to find out if one needs BHRT and how is it ordered?

A thorough history and physical is done by a physician, labs are ordered and if levels of the sex hormones are abnormal then bioidentical hormones are ordered for administration

How is it administered :

– injections

– pellets,

– patches

– creams

– pills (not suggested)

Benefits of BHRT :

– Improve libido

– Improve erection and maintenance of an erection

– Improves stamina

– Increases confidence

There have been concerns of testosterone causing or aggravating heart disease as well as prostate cancer. Even though there are multiple well-done studies that show that not only does testosterone not cause heart disease, it actually protects against heart disease.

Just like heart disease studies in relation to testosterone, there are multiple well-designed studies that show that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer.

Based on our research we feel that BHRT is safe and effective in helping men have the desire to have sex, achieve an erection as well as maintain it and in the process allow them to live a fulfilling life.
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction( Impotence)AUTHOR
Dr. Anteneh Roba

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