What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing involves evaluating and determining genetic/chromosomal and or protein changes in the body.

Why get Genetic Testing?

  • To identify genetic conditions.
  • To determine an individuals chance of developing a genetic disorder or passing it on to ones children.

What are the most common testing methods?

Most commonly a blood sample or a bucal smear is all that is needed

Types of Genetic Testing

  • Molecular tests (identifies changes in one or more genes).
  • Chromosomal tests (used to identify changes in chromosomes).
  • Gene expression tests (identifies which genes are off or on).
  • Biochemical tests (analyzes the amount and or activity level of proteins or enzymes produced from genes).

Any risks associated with genetic testing?

No significant risks exist with genetic testing done in adults.

What is the most popular genetic testing at Zinnia Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Clinic?

  • Trichotest – a complete genetic testing for hair loss.
  • Genetic testing for weight loss.

Advantage of Genetic Testing?

Allows the practitioner to recommend a treatment plan tailored ones unique health status.

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