If you are overweight, you already know that “dieting” rarely works. If it did, everybody would be thin!  And, even when you do lose weight by dieting, the results rarely last very long. There are many good reasons for this – none of which are your fault!

When you decrease food intake you deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. So, your body believes it is “starving” and starts to conserve energy by burning fewer calories. In other words, the less you eat, the less calories you burn! Additionally, starving yourself and feeling hungry 24/7 is just not sustainable. When you don’t have proper nutrition you become weak, tired, irritable and don’t have the energy to stay active.

But there IS an answer to this weight loss conundrum – that is not only effective but also provides your body with the nutrition it needs to burn calories, stay active, and not feel constantly hungry. It is the Robards System of “Meal Replacement” – now available at Zinnia Aesthetics in the greater Alexandria, VA area.

What is Meal Replacement for Weight Loss?

Meal Replacements are scientifically formulated liquid meals, meal bars or calorie-controlled packaged meals that are used to replace one or two daily meals or snacks. These products are specially prepared to contain the macronutrients and protein that the body needs to burn calories, feel full and supply energy – while still creating a daily caloric deficit so you can lose weight!

Substituting with meal replacements is also more effective than dieting as part of a comprehensive weight management program because it takes the “guess work” and complexity out of making food choices. The work has been done for you – so it’s as fast and easy as grabbing a Meal Replacement instead of trying to figure out what you can eat to lose weight.

Does Meal Replacement Work for Weight Loss?

According to a report by the 2009 the American Dietetic Association Meal Replacements – in place of grocery store foods – helps patients lose weight successfully and safely. They stated that Meal Replacement is a valuable clinical weight loss tool because it supports calorie reduction, while providing optimal levels of macro and micro nutrients, as well as sufficient added protein. This aids in satiety (feeling full) as well as increasing metabolic rate (burning calories) and supporting lean body mass.

In addition to these benefits, the study also notes that Meal Replacement simplifies meal planning, so it is easier to stick to.

And, Meal replacement can help dieters achieve healthy blood glucose levels by properly balancing their dietary carbohydrate intake. So it reduces the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other related diseases.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with Meal Replacement?

In the study mentioned above, it was reported that patients using a portion-controlled Meal Replacement diet (PCD) experienced significantly greater initial weight loss – and much less weight regain after 1 year of maintenance – than patients on a standard, self-selected, food-based diet.

At the end of one year a study group of over 5,000 patients who used using meal replacements lost almost 7% of their initial weight compared to only 0.7% for the group without meal replacement. In other words, patients using Meal Replacement lost 10 times as much weight as those trying to “diet” with regular foods!

Even with the popular Weight Watchers (WW) program, the official WW website states that: “People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.” However, with the Robards Meal Replacement program offered at Zinnia Aesthetics in the Alexandria area, patients’ typical weight loss is 36 pounds in only 12 weeks. That is up to 3 times faster than Weight Watchers!

Weight Loss Meal Replacement | Alexandria, VA Area

The bottom line is that the Robard New Direction Meal Replacement Plan results in greater (and longer lasting) weight loss than self-regulated low-calorie diets with conventional foods. Meal Replacement can safely and effectively produce significant and sustainable weight loss – and improve weight-related risk factors of disease – without leaving you feeling hungry and exhausted.

If you live in the greater Alexandria, VA area, and you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from endless “yo-yo” dieting, schedule a consultation at Zinnia Aesthetics today.

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