DMV Exercise Program

Our exercise program is focused on tailoring the best exercise protocol taking into consideration the patient’s health status and cardiovascular conditioning.

Although weight loss is the primary goal, doing a medically supervised exercise program

Sarcopenic obesity can be avoided which simply put is muscle loss instead of fat loss. The patient may lose some weight and may think they are achieving her/his goal, while in reality, they remain obese and unhealthy.

So, being on a healthy weight loss diet and proper medically supervised exercise program patients can retain or even gain muscle while shedding fat.

The program includes aerobic exercise and strength training guidelines based on the FITT protocol.

Frequency 5-6 X a week

Intensity- will depend on health status and conditioning

Time – 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular workout and 30-45 min of strength training

Type – aerobic exercise can be running, bicycling, swimming, etc.. with the goal of reaching up to 80% of maximum heart rate within an interval training format.

The strength training program will be developed specifically tailored to each patient

But in principle, will be based on a repetitious workout plan making sure every major muscle group is involved over a five-day period with two days off

Our team will monitor the exercise program on a weekly bases and will suggest ways to improve the experience and results.

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