Do Vampire Facials Really Work?

You’ve seen the shocking photos on social media of famous “influencers” (like Kim Kardashian) with their faces covered in blood during a “Vampire Facial”. And it’s easy to wonder if this is just a hyped-up publicity stunt – or if Vampire Facials actually do work to rejuvenate and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and “turn back the clock”.

In this article Washington, DC area skin care expert Anteneh Roba, MD discusses the science behind the Vampire Facial – and explains why and how it works so well to regenerate skin cells and restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

How the Vampire Facial Works: Microneedling

There are actually two different – but equally important – skin regeneration technologies at play during a Vampire Facial: microneedling and the use of Platelet Rich Plasma or “PRP”.

Let’s start with microneedling. During this procedure ultra-fine, clinical-grade needles are used to create hundreds of tiny but deep “pin pricks” in the skin. Since the body perceives these microscopic pokes as “wounds” it immediately activates the skin’s natural healing process.

Production of collagen and elastin – the two building blocks of healthy skin – is stimulated to repair the microneedling pricks. This renewed production of collagen and elastin also repairs fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and sun damage (such as dark spots). And the restoration of collagen and elastin also smooths and tightens the skin – turning back the clock for a more youthful appearance.

How the Vampire Facial Works: PRP

The other component of the Vampire Facial is PRP – the dramatic blood you see on social media. The use of PRP to renew skin is actually based on years of regenerative medicine! For years Platelet Rich Plasma or “PRP” has been used in sports medicine to regenerate injured and damaged joints.

For example, PGA golfing legend Tiger Woods famously used PRP almost 12 years ago, to recover from a devastating ACL injury (torn knee ligament) and return to a successful career.

During the Vampire Facial, a small vial of the patient’s blood is extracted from the arm, similar to a routine blood test.  The liquid part of the blood – the “Platelet Rich Plasma” – is then separated out from the solid red and white blood cells using a centrifuge.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) actually contains high levels of the body’s own “growth factors” that maintain and repair any cellular damage in the body. When the PRP is separated from the blood cells it is highly concentrated – containing up to eight times the growth factors found in whole blood.

During the Vampire Facial this all natural PRP plasma is applied to the face, and infused deep into the skin during the microneedling process. The growth factors immediately go to work, stimulating the body to renew production of collagen and elastin – to reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve overall facial tone and texture.

Why the Vampire Facial is Safe

Don’t let the shockingly “bloody” appearance fool you! The PRP Vampire Facial is safe and 100% natural – with no risks of adverse side-effects and no real downtime.

This is because the PRP used in the Vampire Facial is extracted from the patient’s own blood. So there is no possibility of a “reaction,” an infection, or other side-effects.

Additionally, at Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic in the Washington DC area we use a combination of three local anesthetics to ensure that you’re completely comfortable throughout your entire Vampire Facial. While you may experience some redness after the treatment, you can return to your normal daily activities as soon as the same or next day.

Get Results with the Vampire Facial

During the next few weeks, the body will continue to produce increased amounts of collagen and elastin deep within the skin’s cells. As the skin repairs itself patients will see: visibly thicker, “plumper” and firmer skin; a reduction of lines and wrinkles; and, a dramatic decrease in any redness, age spots or scars.

Depending upon the depth of the wrinkles and lines, and the degree of scarring, sun damage, or skin laxity, some patients may wish to consider more than one Vampire Facial at Zinnia Aesthetic in the Washington DC Area to achieve optimal results.

Vampire Facial –  Washington DC Area

The Vampire Facial treatment is a scientifically proven, 100% natural, safe and effective treatment for almost anyone interested in repairing lines, wrinkles, scarring, redness, pigmentation, skin laxity, sun damage, or other signs of aging.

If you live in the greater Washington DC area and would like to turn back the clock with smoother, tighter, younger skin, contact Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic today to schedule a Vampire Facial.

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