DMV Microdermabrasion

Are you looking for smoother skin and a more-radiant complexion on your face? Microdermabrasion is an increasingly popular procedure and we offer this service at Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging. Visit our med spa today and meet with one of our expert doctors or medical staff one on one to see if this procedure is right for you. We can improve the quality and smoothness of your skin with a simple, painless procedure. While this procedure is non-invasive, this one on one consultation will allow us to better understand your goals, so we can design the best treatment plan for you. We’ll review any moles you may have and make sure they are not changing or growing, as this could be a symptom of skin cancer. We will also review any medications you may have that makes you more prone to scarring, which is a common complication. If you do scar easy, we may suggest you wait to have this treatment.

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What goes on during microdermabrasion?

Our specialists gently remove the top layer of your skin by hand using a specialized device. Most patients report a simple sensation of sanding, but no pain. Expect a treatment of your face to last 30 to 40 minutes and another 20 minutes if you want a treatment for your neck. When finished, we will apply a moisturizer, so your skin does not dry out from the treatment.

Are there any post-treatment things I should do?

Our doctors may suggest applying additional moisturizer at home. You will also want to protect yourself from sunlight after the treatment to reduce side effects and achieve the best results to meet your goals.

Will I have to spend any time in recovery?

Not at all! There is no recovery time or downtime after treatment. Patient’s skin can swell slightly or look pink or red. At most, your skin may have the appearance of windburn or sunburn for a day or two. This will fade away if you follow our post-treatment care plan.

Can I expect immediate results from microdermabrasion?

Most patients need at least five treatments to see results. Sometimes, depending on medical factors and a patient’s age, patients may need up to 15 treatments. These treatments can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The treatment plan is one of the things you will discuss with your doctor during your consultation. We will do our best to achieve your goals.

Are the results permanent?

In most patients, results are temporary. You can extend and maintain the results for longer if you protect your skin from the sun. We will provide you with a skin-care plan to help you keep your smooth and radiant skin.

Are there side effects?

Your skin may appear red, pink, or slightly swollen for 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Occasionally, a patient’s skin bruises or burns easily when exposed to sunlight after a treatment. Our doctors will look for dark spots on your skin that may have developed as the result of an injury or acne. There is a minor risk that you will develop more dark spots as the result of microdermabrasion. While the risk is minor, and our doctors will be sure to discuss this with you.

How long should I wait for another treatment? How safe is this treatment?

This procedure only affects the top layer of your skin that tends to recover quickly. In most cases, you only need to wait a week for another treatment. Those with more sensitive skin may require more weeks between treatments. Microdermabrasion has an excellent safety record when performed by a certified doctor.

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