Intermittent Fasting is a cyclic voluntary abstention from eating food alternating with periods of food consumption.

When one fasts periodically and in a cyclic and regulated manner different hormones are involved. One of the main benefits of intermittent fasting is the reduction in the release of insulin triggered by consumption of food. When insulin is released triggered by eating, the food consumed is converted into glycogen, mainly in the liver, as an energy reserve Insulin also leads to conversion of food to fat which is stored. The continous release of insulin that leads to obesity eventually also leads to insulin resistance and eventually to diabetes. Diabetes causes vascular inflammation and damage to the endothelial cells of the vessel walls that are responsible for the release of nitrix oxide , which is involved in turn with vasodilation. This process is extremely important for penile erection and when nitrix oxide is not released due to vascular damage and inflammation it leds to Erectile Dysfunction. Intermiitent Fasting helps reverse the process that leads to erectile dysfunction and can be one of the many ways Erectile Dysfunction symptoms can be mitigated.

Another hormone that is increased with intermittent fasting is testosterone. Testosterone, the main male hormone is critical for a mans ability to get an erection , maintain an erection and complete a satisfying sexual encounter. Studies have shown short bouts of fasting will boost the production of testosterone which in turn helps healthy erectile function.

Obesity also leads to leptin resistance and leptin resistance is directly linked to low testosterone. Leptin being a hormone released by adipose tissue and is involved in thermogenesis and apetite suppression. When men become obese they develop leptin resistance.

Other hormones indirectly involved in erectile functionand are increased with intermittent fasting are adrenalin and growth hormone.

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