One of the first signs of aging in men and women is the deep “smile lines” that appear on either side of the mouth. Sometimes called “puppet lines,” “marionette lines,” or “nasolabial folds”, these deep “parentheses” can add years to a person’s appearance.

For many years, people have been filling their smile lines with temporary dermal fillers that only last a few months. Even the newer formulations of Juvéderm only fill nasolabial smile lines for up to a year.

But revolutionary new Bellafill dermal filler can reduce smile lines for an astounding five years! Bellafill is the highest rated filler on RealSelf and it is the only facial filler that is FDA approved to smooth smile lines for up to 5 years.

Zinnia Aesthetics in Fairfax, VA is one of only a very few aesthetic providers in the entire Washington D.C., and Alexandria, VA area to offer this incredibly long-lasting dermal filler for smile lines around the mouth.

What Causes Smile Lines?

Youthful skin is soft, supple, smooth, “plump” and well hydrated – and rich with the ability to produce new cells that renew the face rapidly.  As a person ages, they experience a loss of facial glands, which results in less oil production and moisture loss in the skin. As skin becomes dry it begins to wrinkle.

Additionally, every year after the age of 30 we lose 1% of the collagen that provides a structural scaffolding to keep the skin firm and smooth. Further, elastin production decreases as well – so that skin no longer “snaps back” – and the face sags and wrinkles instead.

With repeated facial movement from laughing, smiling and talking, the formation of dynamic wrinkles, like laugh lines, smile lines and frown lines develop. Over time these lines eventually become static lines that are etched into the skin – because the skin is no longer able to “bounce back” as it did in one’s youth.

Bellafill the Longest Lasting Facial Filler

Unlike other temporary fillers Bellafill creates a lasting improvement in smile lines that is FDA approved to last up to 5 years. Even the longest lasting formula of Juvéderm only lasts two years!

Bellafill lasts longer than other dermal fillers because of its unique molecular formulation. Bellafill contains tiny polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres that are suspended within a base of smooth collagen gel.

When Bellafill is injected, this gel immediately adds volume and “fills in” nasolabial smile lines around the mouth. (It can also be used to fill in atrophic acne scars, lifting them to the level of surrounding skin.)

But the magic of the PMMA microspheres doesn’t stop there! These suspended spheres provide a “scaffolding” that stimulates and supports the body’s own natural collagen production. As the body goes to work producing new collagen fibers, they replace the Bellafill collagen gel over time. The result is natural feeling and looking skin smoothness and plumpness – because it is actually the result of the skin’s own collagen renewal process.

Bellafill Natural Collagen Production for the Longest Lasting Filler

Collagen is the most abundant protein found within the human skin, where it provides tissue support, strength, smoothness, elasticity and integrity. There are more than twenty types of collagen in the body – but collagen Types I and III are the most important forms found in the skin.

Bellafill’s unique formulation stimulates the production of both Type I and Type III collagen for long-lasting smile line correction. When Bellafill is injected, the PMMA and collagen gel immediately provides filling and correction of smile lines. But, over time as the Bellafill gel is absorbed and the collagen gel dissipates, the body’s own collagen fibroblasts migrate in and around the PMMA microsphere scaffolding and deposit the patient’s own collagen.

Since the body’s own cells are now providing support and suppleness, the results do not wear off like ordinary facial fillers. And smile lines remain smoothed and filled for up to an unprecedented 5 years!

Bellafill Long Lasting Dermal Filler – Alexandria, VA

Zinnia Aesthetics is one of the first and only med spas in the Washington, D.C. and Alexandria VA area to offer this safe, natural looking and long-lasting dermal filler.

And Bellafill can save you hundreds of dollars, because you only have to touch up results every 5 years instead of every few months!

If smile lines, parentheses or nasolabial folds are adding years to your appearance, schedule an appointment to “turn back the clock” and reverse these troublesome signs of aging with Bellafill.  Restore youthful tone, plumpness and smoothness to your skin – for a younger, more attractive appearance for an astonishing five years with Bellafill!

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