About Anteneh Roba MD
About Anteneh Roba MD

Anteneh Roba MD

A DMV & VA Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Provider

A leader in the field of peptide therapy, Anteneh Roba MD is the medical director of Zinnia Aesthetics and Anti-Aging in Fairfax, VA offering the latest protocols in sexual wellness, regenerative medicine, medical weight loss, body sculpting, and improved health span. He is board certified, has over 30 years of experience in the medical field, and trained under Charles Runels, MD, inventor of the medical procedures known as the O-Shot®, the Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®), Vampire Facial®, and Vampire Breast Lift®. He works closely with The Regenerative Lab and Baylor School of Medicine on erectile dysfunction and offers a comprehensive, and complete approach to age management.

His broad scope of personalized functional medicine includes optimizing health, weight, sleep, nutrition, and supporting detoxification. Using epigenetic testing, peptide therapy and hormone testing with each patient helps Dr. Roba reverse the effects of aging and prevent age-related diseases helping them to look, feel and age better.

– Board Certified by The American Board of Obesity Medicine
– Board Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
– Board Certified by The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
– Certified by the Laser Institute
– Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
– Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
– Member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine

Non Profit:
International Fund for Africa – Co Founder /President

I am passionate about Functional and Integrative Medicine and take a holistic approach to antiaging, particularly with bioidentical hormone replacement. My goal is to reduce risk factors, improve quality of life, prevent premature aging, and decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases. – Dr. Roba

Dr. Anteneh Roba is among the first doctors in america to be named a best doctor by the Womens Choice Award