Tickle Lipo is a simple procedure that can help you lose stubborn fat and contour your body safely to achieve the body of your dreams. The procedure is minimally invasive and has minimal risks, unlike traditional liposuction. Tickle liposuction is offered at Zinnia Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Clinic. Our highly experienced doctors design an individualized treatment plan and discuss the procedure at your initial consultation. Here are things you should know about Tickle Liposuction.

1. Tickle Liposuction Is Not Performed Under General Anesthesia

Tickle Liposuction or Lipo, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), is a new, FDA-approved procedure for rat removal that is more comfortable, safe, and effective than other liposuction techniques. There is no general anesthesia involved, and it is known to reduce pain, discomfort, and recovery time. During the procedure, no laser or heat is applied, and the motion of the cannula breaks up the fat for removal.

With Tickle Lipo, local anesthesia is utilized rather than general anesthesia, and the surgeon can perform the procedure while you are awake. Tickle Lipo uses low-frequency acoustic infrasonic vibrations to break down fat deposits in areas that need to be removed, unlike traditional liposuction. During the procedure, the treatment area is numbed, the doctor makes a tiny incision, then a small tube is inserted into the incisions. The device utilizes a whirling movement (vibration and infrasonic) to gently break down and loosen fat cells while suctioning them out simultaneously.

The unique mechanism of the sculpting method blocks pain. This is made possible by the nutational movement of the vibrating cannula and the insertion of air which creates a sensation that tricks your nerves in the surrounding tissues from signaling pain while the procedure is being performed. Since no heat is involved, the fat breaks up without harming the connective tissues. This technique is 25% faster than other liposuction, shortening the procedure’s length.

2. The Procedure Is More Comfortable and Less Painful Than Conventional Lipo

Tickle Lipo gets its name from the tickling sensations made by the vibration of the cannula that patients feel during the procedure. The procedure is comfortable and less painful than traditional liposuction since it utilizes a smaller cannula. The different sizes of the cannulas enable doctors to address areas difficult to reach with conventional Lipo, like under the chin. The cannula allows better control over sculpting without force, reducing pain, bruising, swelling, and pain during liposuction. There is also minimal discomfort during and after the procedure, ensuring a faster recovery. Tickle Lipo can be performed on various body parts to remove stubborn fatty tissues. The specialized cannulas of the Tickle Lipo devices allow the surgeon to maneuver through hard-to-reach areas while enabling precise contouring. It is commonly performed in areas such as:

  • Back
  • Abdomen or Tummy
  • Love handles or flanks
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Hips
  • Saddlebags or outer thighs
  • Buttocks

Tickle Lipo can be combined with skin tightening procedures for individuals with excess skin after the procedure for optimal results.

3. Tickle Lipo Is Not a Weight Loss Procedure

Tickle liposuction is only recommended when fatty areas are resistant to diet and exercise and when lifestyle changes have not yielded your desired results. Tickle liposuction gets rid of fatty tissue areas in specific body areas. With diet and exercise or gastric bypass surgery, you may shed more weight if you are overweight. The amount of fat removed depends on the appearance and amount of fat in the treatment area, which is enough to produce considerable improvements.

Ideal candidates for Tickle Lipo should be healthy, not smoke, is close to their ideal weight, and has no preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, restricted blood flow, or coronary artery disease. For best results, tickle liposuction is best combined with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. The results are permanent as long as you adhere to this. Weight gain after Tickle Lipo can alter fat distribution in your body. Fat may accumulate in other areas despite which area was first treated. Your skin may lose firmness over time due to the effects of aging. It would be best if you also had realistic expectations of what the procedure can accomplish.

4. You Have to Wear a Compression Garment to aid Tickle Lipo Recovery

While Tickle Lipo has less downtime than conventional Lipo, it is essential to schedule some time to allow your body to rest and recover well after the procedure. We recommend two to three days of downtime during which bruising, swelling, and discomfort will have subsided. It also helps maintain the contours of your procedure. You are required to wear a compression garment to promote recovery. Compression garments help reduce swelling and bruising, encourage circulation, and support the treatment area to promote your healing. The garments will be specifically designed for the treatment area and will help produce the best aesthetic outcome. The garments may be worn for two or more weeks or depending on your doctor’s orders.

5. Tickle Lipo Offers Amazing Benefits

One of the most notable benefits of Tickle Lipo is that it does not need general anesthesia. This leads to minimal risks and a reduction in costs. Other benefits include:

  • Return to normal activity on the same day
  • Reshaping troublesome areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise
  • No risks associated with general anesthesia such as drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting
  • The Tickle Lipo mechanism extracts fat cells without damaging them due to the absence of heat, making the fat viable for a Brazilian butt lift or a fat transfer breast augmentation
  • Providing a slimmer silhouette for a more appealing body shape
  • Results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • There’s less bruising, swelling, and discomfort and a shorter recovery time than with conventional Lipo because there is no tissue damage
  • Safe fat reduction with minimal discomfort
  • Very tiny incisions, so scarring is minimal
  • Provides lift by removing sagging fat that occurs with age
  • The procedure is performed when the patient is awake throughout the procedure and can provide feedback during treatment
  • Reducing fat to decrease insulin resistance
  • Quick and convenient liposuction procedure compared to traditional liposuction
  • The results of Tickle Lipo are immediately visible and will continue to be noticeable within 8 to 12 weeks

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