For those with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35, you can try our rapid weight loss program. Medically monitored weight management programs can be a safe alternative to surgery that allows patients, under the supervision of a physician, to consume a low calorie diet (LCD). Start shedding pounds with our Premier Full-Body Composition Monitor as part of a comprehensive treatment program.
BMI is a tool that calculates your tendency to be underweight, normal, overweight or obese. By comparing your weight with your height, the BMI helps doctors in their assessment of your health issues. If you don’t know your BMI number, you can find out here:
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Rapid Weight Loss Premier Full-Body Composition Monitor

Rapid Weight Loss: A Tailored Team Approach

The three major components of weight loss therapy include:
  1. Dietary therapy,
  2. Increased physical activity, and
  3. Behavior therapy.
More and more, clinical studies suggest medically monitored weight management programs as a good option for rapid weight loss. It can provide safe and effective help for individuals to address and modify behaviors.
If you need to achieve rapid weight loss, try using our Premier Full-Body Composition Monitor. Zinnia Aesthetics provides comprehensive physician-supervised weight loss so you can lose weight safely.
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