The healing power of foods can provide health-protecting properties. However every which way you turn, someone has an opinion on which combination of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids). Unfortunately, bloggers may republish preliminary medical reports as proven facts. But you don’t have time to wade through these reports on nutriceuticals and phytochemicals. Thankfully, Zinnia Aesthetics can guide you through the proper nutrition program, using medically sound nutrition practices.
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Defining Nutraceuticals and PhytoChemicals

Stephen DeFelice, M.D., founder and chairman of the private nonprofit Foundation for Innovation in Medicine coined the term “nutriceutical”. He defined nutraceuticals as “any substance that may be considered a food or part of a food and provides medicinal or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.” You can find nutraceuticals in naturally nutrient-rich food such as spirulina, garlic, soy or a specific component of a food like omega 3 oil from freshly ground flax seed.
The term phytochemical emphasizes the plant source of some of these health-protecting compounds. Currently, people use the terms “phytochemical” and “phytonutrient” interchangeably to describe the active components of plants.

So How Can Nutraceuticals Help?

Over the recent decades, scientific studies show that diet influences many health conditions and diseases. It makes sense because the foods we ingest break down and provide the nutrients our body needs to perform well. Therefore, substandard food choices provide less beneficial and sometimes downright harmful ingredients that get absorbed into our body. So you deserve to give your body the best chance it can have to operate at its best. You deserve to turn your health around. And making the right nutritional choices can get you there.
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