Zinnia Aesthetics Clinic is the place to be in Fairfax, VA. Dr. Roba and his staff are very welcoming and extremely helpful.It’s so important to have a doctor that you feel 100% secure with! I had the PRP done, and thanks to Dr. Roba, I look so much younger and most of all, I feel great! The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is so great because there is no surgery, Botox, or risk involved. It is the safest procedure to make your skin feel younger. Dr. Roba talked me through the procedure every step of the way and gave me a clear understanding of the outcome of the procedure.

I highly recommend visiting Zinnia Aesthetics because, not only the doctor, but the staff are also extremely knowledgeable of the products and the services they provide. Michele and Glenda are amazing! They recommended moisturizing and eye creams to me that I now use on a daily basis. Dr. Roba is one of a kind! He is passionate about his field of medicine and understanding of his clients’ needs. I hope people will make the time to visit his spa. He’s very passionate about the work he does changing the way we look and making us look years younger and extremely beautiful:-)
Mimi H. – Aldie, VA