Our goal is to ensure that you get the best results.

What Is Advanced Nutritional Testing?

Advanced Nutritional Testing is a simple blood test to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimal health. It is effective for people of all ages from infant to elderly.

Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice that you may have experienced. The results of the test will let us know what treatment options will be most beneficial to you.

The body responds to the procedure reliably and consistently. This feedback is so precise that it opens the door to a safe and lasting recovery, even in cases where everything else has failed.

What Makes Nutrition Response Testing Unique?

In medical practice there are two key components:advanced-nutritional-testing-01

  1. Diagnosis: Identifying and/or naming the “disease” or syndrome.
  2. Treatment: Drugs, surgery, physical therapy, etc.

In Advanced Nutritional Testing, we do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead, we approach testing through:

  1. Analysis: The assessment of your body’s current health status
  2. Personalized health improvement program: Using designed clinical nutrition.

How Does This All Work?

It works a lot like hypothermia. If someone was out in extreme cold too long, the body, in an effort to stay alive, first protects the organs in the body’s core, before it protects the extremities, so the energy and the blood supply immediately leave the fingers and toes and are drawn in to the organs. This is because the organs are more important to survival and why hypothermia always affects the extremities first.

The same principle applies to Advanced Nutritional Testing. Energy flows exist between all parts and organs of the body. These flows can become disrupted for a variety of reasons.

What’s the Next Step?

Our decades of clinical experience has proven that when the correct nutritional supplements are provided a first step is taken in correcting the underlying or root cause of the deficiency or imbalance that is causing the reflex and organ to be weak.advanced-nutritional-testing-02

A personalized health improvement program is designed with clinical nutrition to place you on the road to recovery nearly immediately.

In medicine, the medical doctor makes a diagnosis and then uses drugs to attack or suppress symptoms, or surgery to remove the “offending” organ.

In Advanced Nutritional Testing we use “Designed Clinical Nutrition” to correct the cause of the problem, so the body can regain its innate ability to heal itself at the root of the problem.

What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

From your analysis a specific program is created including dietary suggestions as well as whole food supplements:

Especially prepared for you, based on a specific plan.
Pertaining to the results achieved in clinical use on a multitude of patients over many years.
Real food, as designed by nature, to enable the body to repair itself and become healthier.

Our goal is to have you take as few supplements as possible, while your body is being fully addressed and restored at the same time.

Will I Be on a Personal Nutrition Program Forever?

Each case is handled individually. The majority of clients who adhere to their programs report positive changes in the first 4-6 weeks. Improvement is directly proportional to the adherence to your program.

Through the course of your program, additional layers will show up. For example, if you have a long-term health problem, you may find that your body may (or may not) want to address this first. Your body will dictate its priority and pathway for healing each time you are tested. Many times, issues that are revealed have been buried and unhandled for years.

As this happens, your program is adjusted. Your program will always match the exact needs of your body through diet and nutritional supplements.

Healthy eating habits are always encouraged. As you feel better and your health improves, you will likely find yourself wanting to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet as your normal routine.

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best results.