Acne is most often a right of passage for teenagers. However, anyone can have a breakout at any age. Pimples and oily skin make us hide from the camera and from our friends as well. It doesn’t have to be that way. Zinnia Aesthetics has an acne treatment regimen for your worst breakout.
Before and after acne treatment
You may have tried over-the-counter acne creams and soaps. However the chemicals used in these products tend to dry out your skin. So your body fights that by producing more oil. What you need is a cleansing and treatment plan that nourishes and hydrates your skin.

Who Gets Acne?

Approximately 75% of people from teens to 30-somethings have had acne. Even people reaching retirement years can get a break out from time-to-time. An estimated 17 million Americans have acne currently.
Acne affects all races. Both men and women get acne, but young men suffer from acne for longer periods of time. It is thought that rising levels of testosterone in young men can make acne worse. Similarly, rising hormone levels of women during pregnancy can also cause women to develop acne for the first time or to endure it once more.

Post-Acne Treatment

Long after our teenage years, acne scars continue to affect our self-image. They are a lingering reminder of the growing pains of our youth. However, there is hope. These otherwise permanent blemishes can be removed or lightened. We have a treatment for acne scars as well, even decades after your last acne outbreak.

No More Hiding

It’s time to break free from those acne breakouts. Acne treatment can give you the confidence to show your face in public once more. You will learn why you are getting acne, how to treat it now and reduce the chance of it coming back.
Get the best results.